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Join the expert whose Bitcoin and Ethereum trades are
already up more than 1,000%...

…as he showcases his must own coins, just days before
the most bullish event on the crypto calendar

Dear Fellow Investor,

The clock is ticking.

The most bullish event in the crypto markets is less than two weeks away.

Right now, it looks like Bitcoin’s 4th Halving will hit on Saturday, 20 April.

If crypto veteran Ryan Dinse is right, that gives you a very short window of time to take action.

That’s what this invitation is all about.

Ryan wants you to join him for a free event called The 4th Halving Gameplan — where he’ll showcase his must own cryptos ahead of the Halving.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, the Halving is when the new supply of bitcoin gets cut in half.

There’s no avoiding it.

And there’s no reversing it.

It’s hard coded into the very fabric of bitcoin itself.

So it’s guaranteed to happen.

And it’s happened three times before: in 2012, 2016, and 2020.

If you’ve been watching the crypto market for any length of time, you’ll know that those dates line up perfectly with the last three major crypto bull runs.

Obviously, there are no guarantees it’ll play out exactly like previous Halvings — but in the past, it’s always  led directly to a new high in the bitcoin market.

And it’s about to
happen again

Chances are, you’re going to hear an awful lot about it — even in the mainstream news.

That’s because THIS particular Halving is playing out against the most bullish possible backdrop imaginable.

Bitcoin has already made a new all time high this year.

It’s now up 300% since its bear market lows.

The big money has made its move on bitcoin. The SEC approved a host of spot ETFs in January — which have seen billions of dollars flow into the market.

In fact, Blackrock’s bitcoin offering is the fastest growing ETF in history.

That’s already putting huge upward pressure on the price of bitcoin, which has now overtaken silver as the second most valuable monetary commodity.

In February, demand for bitcoin from big money players was 11-times higher than the available supply.

Put simply, bitcoin demand is ‘going vertical’ – exactly as Ryan predicted it would

In fact, Ryan has been light years ahead of the rest of the market as this has all played out.

In the depths of the bitcoin bear market in 2022, he stepped forward to unveil the cryptos he saw the big money ‘locking up’.

Then last year — with bitcoin trading below US$29,000 — he predicted that the SEC would approve a series of bitcoin ETFs.

That, he said, would be the signal big institutional investors needed to pounce.

He was right on every count.

It’s no surprise.

There’s a reason Ryan is one of the most respected crypto investors in Australia.

For instance, his open trades on both bitcoin and Ethereum, which were first recommended in 2017, are currently up more than 1,000%…

And in 2017, he closed winners of as much as 2,751% on smaller coins like Chainlink.

Not because he has a crystal ball, or because he gets everything right. He doesn’t. Not all of his recommendations go vertical, and crypto is always going to be volatile.

But I think he’s been so successful because he knows the market better than anyone else I know.

So the big question is, with the 4th Halving fast approaching…

What does Ryan think you should be buying right now?

That’s what our free event this Monday at 1pm AEST is all about.

Ryan will showcase the specific cryptocurrencies he’s dubbed as ‘must owns’ for 2024.

With such a bullish picture emerging, even before the Halving arrives, it’s crucial we get you this information as soon as we can.

But Ryan is no mere speculator…

He’s not going to be talking about the kind of bullish, short-term ‘memecoins’ that attract so much attention.

There’s no point in making 1,000% one week…only to lose it all in the next. (Believe me, this can and does happen.)

Ryan’s different.

He’s interested in the ‘fundamentals’, not the ‘pumpamentals’.

And he says there’s a HUGE story playing out behind the scenes in the crypto market right now, which has major implications not just for crypto investors, but for the entire financial system.

It involves one of the most powerful institutions in the financial world…an organisation that has a direct impact on almost every major listed company in the world.

Ryan believes this institution has major plans for the entire crypto space.

On Monday at 1pm AEST, he’s going to show you what’s happening…

He’ll tell you about the cryptos he expects to be involved…

And he’ll show you why right now could be the perfect time to move — before the Halving brings even more capital into the market.

To join him, all you need to do is enter your details in the box below.


1:00pm AEST
Monday, 15 April

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Join Ryan on Monday
and you’ll discover:

  • What the 4th Halving means for bitcoin and the wider crypto market. The last three Halvings saw new highs within 100 days — but this time around, the impact could be even more dramatic.
  • Why bitcoin is now a BUY for fund managers the world over. The bitcoin ETF has changed everything. Demand is off the charts. And the upward pressure is building…
  • Why bitcoin at US$100,000 now looks inevitable. With so much money on the move, there’s no saying exactly how far bitcoin could go…but the picture looks as bullish as it gets.
  • The top cryptos to buy as insiders like Blackrock, Goldman Sachs, and Fidelity move INTO cryptocurrencies. Analysts at Fidelity have already forecast we’ll see US$1 million bitcoin by 2038…and there’s big money already on the move…
  • The huge plans the ‘most powerful man in finance’ has for cryptocurrencies — and the specific moves you can make today to move ahead of him.
  • PLUS…find out how to get your hands on Ryan’s in depth, fully researched GAMEPLAN for allocating your capital as the 4th Halving plays out. With the Halving fast approaching, there’s no better time to get hold of this highly valuable information.

1:00pm AEST
Monday, 15 April

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One of Australia’s leading
crypto investors

Ryan Dinse

Ryan Dinse,
The 4th Halving Gameplan

Ryan Dinse has been investing in cryptocurrencies for the best part of a decade.

He first bought bitcoin in 2014.

Back then it traded at $600.

At the start of this year, a single bitcoin cost more than US$73,000 — a roughly 120-fold return on Ryan’s initial investment.

But he has no plans to sell his bitcoin, even at dizzyingly high valuations like that.

As incredible as it sounds, Ryan says the best days in the crypto world are in the FUTURE, not the past.

In fact, he predicts that cryptos are fast becoming a critical part of all investors’ portfolios, alongside stocks, bonds, commodities and gold.

The approval of the spot bitcoin ETF in Janaury was a huge milestone in this process.

But Ryan says, there’s plenty of upside still ahead.

Consider…for bitcoin to ‘catch up’ with gold as a major financial asset, it’d have to grow 10-fold from here. 

Ryan says that move is now under way.

Given that, Ryan’s mission is simple.

He wants to help as many investors as possible understand and capitalise on the rise of the crypto market.

Not by speculating, trading or hunting for the next fad ‘shitcoin’…

But by helping you make cryptocurrencies a serious part of your long-term plans.

Ryan’s work often costs readers thousands of dollars a year.

But on Monday at 1pm, you’ll hear from him directly — at no cost.

To secure your free spot at The 4th Halving Gameplan, just type your email address in the box below and click or tap the button. You’ll receive confirmation of your registration by email.


1:00pm AEST
Monday, 15 April

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