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Hot off the back of serial trading wins in the uranium and
gold sectors, Murray Dawes reveals..


Murray is lining up the third sector he says could dominate the ASX over the next year…while it’s still under the radar.
On 16 May at 1:00pm, you’ll discover how it could soon break out to the upside…and a unique way you can trade the action…


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One commodity looks set to dominate
the ASX in the foreseeable future...

And Murray Dawes is gearing up to help you trade it.

This is the third commodity trade setup Murray has seen in the last 12 months.

In June last year, his trading system flagged that the uranium spot price could be about to take off, after years of going sideways.

Murray picked two ways to play it.

And look what happened…

‘Uranium price over $80 for the first
time in 15 years


‘Uranium price hits 15-year high’


‘The new uranium bull market’


His first pick is up 49% over the past 10 months…


Source: Trading View

His second is up 64% in eight months…


Source: Trading View

Of course, past results are no guarantee of future performance.

All investing carries risk, and, while Murray’s system has safeguards to manage those risks, nothing is ever certain in the stock market.

But when his system rings alarm bells, as it did for uranium in 2023, you can be confident that there’s a good reason to act.

The same signal pinged in the
gold sector in March this year

Was gold about to break out after three years of going sideways? No one could say for certain…

But on 5 March, Murray’s trading model told him it was time to jump in.

Murray seized the opportunity and tipped three gold stocks that he felt could benefit the most from a surging gold price. 

And surge it did…

‘Gold surges as Middle East tensions
spur safe-haven rush’


‘Gold at New Record High and May
Keep Climbing’


‘Gold continues to trade to new
historic record highs’


Since Murray recommended these trades in March, the yellow metal has soared to all-time highs.

And his trades are marching higher too.

One is up 34% in the last four months at the time of writing…


Source: Trading View

Another has shot up 20% in just over a month…


Source: Trading View

The third stock has jumped 12% since entering less than two months ago…


Source: Trading View

This isn’t just down to luck…

Murray has an average of 35% gains on all his open and closed positions since 2018. That’s from 93 trades over five years, winners and losers included.

Now averages are just that. Some stocks don’t pan out like he expects, but others have gone much, much higher.

My point is that he’s created a system that can consistently spot high-potential trades, which either net you a tidy profit, or get you out without a big loss.

And remember, this impressive track record includes trades made during the COVID crash and the sideways moving market we’ve endured over the last three years.

It’s quite the feat.

On 16 May, Murray will show you how he does it…and reveal his ‘Trilogy Trade’.

Murray believes this third commodity is sitting on the precipice of breaking out, just like uranium and gold did over the last 12 months.

It’s on the cusp of a move up as I write this — but still trading within a defined range — which is why most other analysts are ignoring it.

In his view, a couple of bucks’ move to the upside, and it’ll be time to pull the trigger and go all in on this sector — possibly for the next year or more.

Murray believes that move is coming. And while nobody can say for certain when that will be, if he’s right, a handful of stocks on his watchlist could shoot up like the uranium and gold trades I showed you earlier.

This gives you a rare opportunity to position yourself to attack this sector before it really starts moving.

Can he pinpoint three of the hottest sectors on the ASX in a row?

AND give you the chance to trade the action before prices take off?

Tune in on 16 May to find out. Reserve your free spot below.

Here’s what you’ll learn
in the leadup to the main event…

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What others are
saying about Murray

‘... up there with the best from Fat Tail with Murray doing an amazing job with his excellent guidance and analysis of market conditions. His stock recommendations have achieved exceptional results in an extremely difficult market over the past 2 to 3 years.

John C
Pakenham, VIC

I’ve followed Murray for some years now building confidence in his advice through both the ups and downs of the market.  His advice has held my portfolios in better than average position[s] and now I’m beginning to reap the benefits of that advice. I feel completely comfortable following Murray for steady positive outcomes for my SMSF. Thank you.

Brisbane, QLD

I have had a great experience getting to understand the processes and strategy Murray uses with taking profit and stop losses. This has really helped me make a profit overall on shares like … 54% … 58% … 38% and … 75%. Thank you.

Tweed Heads, NSW

I really enjoy Murray’s advice and whilst I don’t invest in all his recommendations I have made significant amounts on the ones I have. I really appreciate his trading style and especially like his ability to sit on the sidelines when needed. This is actually what gives me the most confidence in him.

A Dykes
Brisbane, Qld

Very clear and clever strategic planning. The amount of money I’ve saved by NOT having whimsical trades thrown at me during this difficult period in the markets is huge!

Andrew M
North Bondi, NSW

Murray’s Retirement Trader approach is brilliant! It is the way I want to trade! He picks stocks based upon strong fundamentals and then picks stock entry and exit points based upon proven technical analysis. He minimises risk by having a trading plan which uses stop losses and takes profits at regular planned intervals, leading to the creation of a free call position, which means we can let winners run their course. This is a low risk and highly profitable trading approach and Murray is simply the best.

Wilton, NSW

I always look forward to Murray’s updates & trades, feeling confident to have a go as long as I follow his process.

Brisbane, Qld

I appreciate his wealth of knowledge in the industry and his take on reading where the markets are taking us. In summary: a must read for me.

Paul E
Corrimal, NSW

Very happy with Retirement Trader and Murray’s explanations and reasoning, also his teachings of the market.

Ken Dart
Belmont, Vic

Love it! Great analysis and insights. Portfolio performing to expectations so far. I have moved more funds out of my super fund account into the Retirement Trader Portfolio via my SMSF. My no. 1 read [is] every update from Fat Tail services. Keep up the awesome work, Murray.

Graham B
Plenty, Vic

I have great confidence in Murray’s ability to identify the right time to buy and sell stocks. His mix of technical and fundamental analysis inspires confidence. His use of video updates to explain and educate is first class.

Mark R
Primrose Sands, TAS

As an Alliance member, I have seen services come and go. Retirement Trader is one of the top performers and arguably, the top performer.

Labrador, Qld

I like Murray’s approach to investing. I like listening to his podcasts and the way he determines when a stock is ready to trade. I have had a number of wins from Murray’s picks and look forward to many more to come.

John S
Windsor Downs, NSW

I think Murray is fantastic and we are lucky to have his expertise. He has very good technical knowledge. I also think he is a very decent highly principled person. Trust is very important.

Perth, WA

I have found [Retirement Trader] rewarding ... Murray’s analysis and the few suggestions which I have followed have been profitable.

Wallace L
Fitzroy North, Vic

Murray is a true gem! His market insights and charting skills are second to none. I have been with Retirement Trader from day one and can sleep soundly, knowing that my investments are in good hands.

Mark Lucas
Paringa, SA

The Trilogy Trade Keynote Event
kicks off on 16 May at 1:00pm sharp

What Murray shares could change the way you trade completely.

And at the very least, you’ll get an expert read on what could be the hottest sector on the ASX this year, which could inform your own trading decisions.

If you do decide to act, you’ll get everything you need to know…from stock names, ticker symbols and entry prices, to risk management.

Murray will show you how he’s managed to achieve an average return of 35% on 93 trades over the last five years.

That’s an enviable track record for any trader.

If you had started with a hypothetical pot of $100,000, and followed all of Murray’s buy and sell signals, and reinvested all your profits…

You could have turned that pot into $297,146 over the past five years.

Tripling your money...while only risking 2% of your capital on any one position.

Of course, there are never any guarantees.

Investing in the stock market always carries risk…but can you imagine the peace of mind a proven, repeatable and dependable system like that would bring to your trading?

If that appeals to you, then type your email address in the box below and hit the button.

It won’t cost you anything to attend, but you could learn a lot.

Once you hit ‘Reserve My Spot’ your place will be reserved, and we’ll send you a link to tune into Murray’s presentation on 16 May at 1:00pm.

Hope to see you there!


James Woodburn

Natalie Wood,
Host, The Trilogy Trade